The Ultimate Tour of US National Parks

Camping and hiking is hardly the most elegant way for the well-heeled to see the world. However, the magnificent vistas offered by America’s grand wild parks make it worth the effort. If only there was a way to do so in absolute luxury.

Handily, Privel ( has set up the grandest of grand tours that at just under $100,000 for two will show you the epics views of legendary parks such Yosemite, Crater Lake and the Grand Canyon.


The 12-day tour of the western states starts and ends at the Four Seasons in Las Vegas, A party of eight will share high-end sports cars, exotic 1930s touring buses, kayaks, luxury hot-air balloon rides and private jets, plus stays in the finest hotels with some of the most amazing views on the planet.

Ultimate Wild America

Along the way, professional photographers will guide your snapping, naturalists will guide you to the local wildlife and expert guides will explain how these giant American parks came into being. They will help make the most of your tours, as you experience the literal highs and lows of America’s parks, from well below sea level in Death Valley to the heights of El Capitan mountain, with 100 foot waterfalls and thousand feet sandstone cliffs along the way.


Everyday will provide a new backdrop and a new experience, from the amazing clear blue of Crater Lake to the crystal white salt flats of Badwater Basin and the Aureolin shades of Yellowstone National Park. From the Grand Canyon to Yellowstone’s geysers, from mountain trails to the Teton ranges in Grand Teton National Park, every day was millennia in the making, just for your eyes.



The tour’s travel time is minimized thanks to the private yet, so what would take normal travellers months can be achieved in just under two weeks, without sacrificing luxury along the way.

The Best of the Best Hotels

After a busy day’s exploring, guests will spend their evenings in the finest rooms of the finest hotels. From the Jewel of Death Valley, The Inn at Furnace Creek, guests can be pampered and relaxed, with sundowners on the patio to enjoy the end of a remarkable first day.

The Majestic Yosemite Hotel is next, built to fit in with its legendary backdrop and offers four-diamond service. Its feature rooms offer balconies that allow you to take in Yosemite’s stunning views at your leisure with the bar’s feature El Capitani cocktail in hand.

The rustic cabin charm of Crater Lake Lodge is next with an epic lakeside view of the massive six-mile caldera. While the 1800s-era historic Lake Hotel at Glacier Park has no TVs or radios to encourage a sense of bonhomie and community.

These and the other rest stops along the way will all provide their own lasting memories before you return to Vegas for a final meal and a show, before leaving for the airport after an unforgettable two weeks, whatever your usual level of luxury lifestyle.

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