What’s New in the Apple Watch Series 2

Apple’s second generation Watch ramps up both the style and the technology, as the company aims to make its smart timepiece the go to device for sports fans and fashion followers.

If you can remember that far back, Apple’s first iPhone was a fairly plodding device when it came to performance. So, it was a bit much to expect the first Apple Watch to be a real star performer.

Therefore, many potential buyers sat out the first round, despite all the style features and software gadgets. Even so, Apple says it is the world’s highest revenue generating watch company. That trend will only accelerate now a second-generation device is here with what everyone agrees is the Watch running at full power.

Ramping up the Style


Before we focus on the hardware, let’s take a look at the style aspects of the new watch. Apple has a new high-end $1,299 white ceramic version for you to keep up your sleeve. The delicate, subtle material is understated but beautiful, and highly resistant to scuffs.

Making a more dramatic impact are the new Apple Watch Nike Plus watches that borrow the bold colors of the sports company’s designs. With four watches to choose from, they look rather waspish with the neon detailing in the light but strong fluoroelastomer straps. The watch comes with Nike faces and better integration with Nike apps for true fitness buffs.

Inside the Apple Watch Series 2

The key feature of the Series 2 models is that they are waterproof and suitable for swimmers, which will help endear the watch to athletes who want to track their fitness, whatever event or weather conditions they are in. That’s thanks to new seals and materials, plus a speaker that ejects water.

The screen has been made brighter, and is now readable in the brightest of sunlight, while the dual core processor is twice as fast and more efficient. These features, along with the new Watch OS3 results in a more responsive and appealing interface, with no more waiting around for apps to open.


Even with the extra power demand, it should have the same amount of daily life due to the improved battery and smarter software. That may change if you use the Watch without taking your phone out, when its other major new feature, in-built GPS, will kick in to help track your runs and activity.
Despite all the changes, including a barometer to help measure altitude changes, it is incredibly hard to notice any difference in the dimensions or design, with the new model perhaps being a hair thicker.

While you can still get a Hermes strap for your Apple Watch to look ultra fashionable, most of Apple’s changes have focused on the fitness market, with a new Breathe app to help people calm down and meditate during their day.

Apple Watch Series 2 launch on September 16, starting from $369, with the originals, now branded Series 1 down to $269. The Nike range launches in October.

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